Interior design elements are the key ingredients that give a house a complete, pleasing, and beautiful look. Interior design is the art of how to balance the design and decorate a house or any given space enhancing its overall look.

Some major interior design elements for inspirational creativity includes

  1. Color
  2. Texture
  3. Pattern
  4. Light
  5. Space


Color is more than just a hue. Color is the element that gives the whole mood to a specific area or even a corner. People often relate colors to feelings. For example, a blue color gives a refreshing feeling likewise people associate gold color with royalty. So color gives total new energy to an area.

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Texture basically means to analyze touch sense that how an object feels. By simply looking and observing the object the feel comes to your mind. For example, by looking at the couch you can sense and tell that it is soft likewise the surface of the console may give you thought that it is bronzed.

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The pattern is in the form of shapes or lines used in the interior of the house. Patterns are repetitive hence giving the interior design a completely integrated look.

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Among interior design elements, light is very important. Whenever designing any area light plays an integral part. Like what light effect should be given (warm yellow or white, dim or bright). Choosing the best light for your house lifts up the decoration more giving an amazing look.

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Space is the soul of interior design. Space holds a very powerful position. Filling the space with equally balanced décor and design is where the whole idea of interior design is based. Adding furniture, indoor plants, carpets or rugs, and the view of the area in regard to the window these all combine to give an esthetic look to the house.

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